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In Time

Yeah… Let’s start off by saying I like Justin Timberlake, and Amanda Seyfried is ridiculously cute. But liking and looks are not enough to save “In Time.”

The story is set in an indiscriminate era that visually reminds me of Equilibrium, where time is literally the new currency. Presumably to cure overcrowding, the aging gene stops at 25. At that time, a visual biological clock starts a countdown of one year. That amount can be increased or decreased by working or paying off bills. The “rich” have a lot of time and the poor have to scrounge and live day to day. You get the idea? Good.

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a working man who saves Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) from being robbed in a bar. Henry is an old man who is basically ready to die. Don’t forget no one appears older than 25. Henry (through a much used, but not explained process of control) transfers almost all but a last few moments of his time to Will. Will is assumed to have killed Henry and later goes on the run. But not before he is unable to save his mother (Olivia Wilde) who dramatically dies in his arms and he becomes angry at the system.

While on the run, but before he knows he is being pursued, Will meets the daughter of Phillipe Weiss (Vincent Kartheiser), Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried). Phillipe is one of the richest men in country? World? I’m not sure. Sylvia is also upset at the system. Specifically how the rich are alive for however long they can afford, but they do not live the life they have. From here, it becomes more incoherent. And the whole checking how much time is left, and transferring of time gets played out very quickly.

For a technologically advanced time, no one has a cell phone. A poor plot point is completely reliant on a pay phone… During this crappily executed point, Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy), a Timecop, is shot. He lays on the ground, apparently seriously wounded. Next scene he is walking out of zone 12, bleeding and injured. (he went in with no back up and his vehicle was stolen). The next scene seems to forget the last 2 ever happened and no indication of a wound ever shows up again.

More items pop up but never seem to pay off or make sense. If a person won a windfall, twice, what would they do? Will’s father and his legacy… (He is mentioned multiple times, and the associated reveal is LAME) Can one or two persons by themselves, without a substantial plan, really make a difference? How much is too much blatant exposition? (To cover the plot holes that were created). How can passengers in a convertible that flips and rolls multiple times, with no seat belts on, not fall out? Is this supposed to be Bonnie & Clyde? Or Robin Hood? Or Romeo & Juliet?

I will say that I liked the cars. Mostly old school and muscle cars with flat black paint and modified lighting. The only ┬áthing that will make me feel better is “Logan’s Run” which it seems this movie was inspired from. Watch the extended trailer, it’s more cohesive and entertaining than the movie.