My name is Lamar. I am building this blog/website for a multitude of reasons, some to all of which I hope will be made clear with this page. Feel free to submit any relevant questions.

Q: You have already opened the door to the obvious question, why?

A: I have some opinions about things, and I would like to share them with whomever would like to listen. I also see this as an opportunity to do something that I can see has tangible progress. It is more than just an idea, it is a reality.

Q: What “things” do you have opinions about?

A: Just about everything, but my intention for this was to express myself regarding things pertaining to movies, TV, (perceptions of) the industry, and maybe some electronic toys. Stuff I like! (I was employed for years in a job I hated, so why not do something better)

Q: What makes you think you are qualified to offer said opinions?

A: Well, I have completed broadcasting courses in high school and college, an associates degree in film/video with an emphasis in post production, and a few internships at TV stations. I have worked on student and non student productions in multiple roles including Director, Asst Director, production audio, post audio, camera, editor, DVD authoring, lighting, and grip. I would like to make one thing abundantly clear, even if I do not like a production, I have to give it respect for getting a project completed, and distributed.

As for the electronics, I love toys! Technology (within reason) is our friend! I like to consider myself a pretty savvy end user.  I am by no means an engineer, but I like to sit down and play with things, see how they work and how well they do what they say they are supposed to.

Q: Lamar, everybody on the planet has a blog, what is going to make  yours special?

A: Me. If discussions form, (and I hope they do) I like to pride myself on seeing the other person’s viewpoint. I may not agree, but I can appreciate it enough to understand why they believe what they do.

I will also admit to sometimes interjecting some person “bias” into my reviews. In essence, how said item affects me, and my justification for such. So many reviews I read seem so dispassionate, almost voyueristic. Too much looking through the window and not immersing oneself in the experience.

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