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Captain America

Captain America joins Iron Man and Batman Begins in the ranks of damn good comic book movies! Hollywood is restoring a little faith for this fanboy.

Captain (Chris Evans) primarily takes place during WWII, and does an admirable job of showing patriotism without being overly so. Instead of focusing on Hitler’s attempt to dominate, The First Avenger’s nemesis is the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving [who isn’t abusing the speech patterns of Agent Smith]). He is the leader of Hydra, the German version of the war era (and more succesful) X-files/special weapons division. The Red Skull has been on the hunt for, and has found, an energy source of the gods which will enable him to wipe out those he believes to be unworthy. Which is pretty much EVERYONE, including Hitler.

We are treated with an actual hero’s journey (Thor, take note) that didn’t take place in 48 hours… Steve Rogers must deal with his desire yet inability to be recruited into the war effort and then how to be the man he was never meant to be.

I would categorize this as an action drama. It’s got enough good action to keep many entertained, but the right amount of drama so it does not pander to the lowest common denominator.

This may be my shortest review ever, but what can I say beyond it is worth seeing. This character is one of the most prolific in comic book history and his story is well known. This adaptation is well told. And of course brings us up to today in preparation for The Avengers

Also stars Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper, and Stanley Tucci.